Jones High School students return to classes

Thursday, January 3rd 2008, 6:49 pm
By: News 9


Jones High School students will have new classrooms and computers when they return to classes on Monday.

A class from the Great Plains Technology Center in Lawton hand delivered the computers and installed them in the portable classrooms at the high school that burned down last month. The technology Center refurbishes military computers for schools.

"Priority number one was let's get kids back in class and let's have school," Jones Principal Carl Johnson said. "We're grateful not just that they're going to present the equipment that they're going to give us the equipment but that they thought of us when there are so many other districts obviously a lot closer to them than we are."

The adult computer students set up and installed the computers providing practical experience for them and a sense of pride.

"If it helps somebody else, I'm really happy with it because I mean, the kids here have nothing," said Wilma Clay, Great Plains student.

The principal's searching for a way to rebuild bigger and better which may include a future bond issue and fundraising campaign.

Fire investigators say down power lines or lightning most likely sparked the fire. An official cause is not yet determined.