Staying safe at home

Wednesday, January 9th 2008, 4:42 pm
By: News 9

By Amy McRee, NEWS 9

With more than 600 car and home burglaries in our city a month, it's important to protect your property. Oklahoma City police gave us those stats last spring but criminals can strike at any time. You never really think it's going to happen to you, but then, when it does, many of us don't know how to react. Here are some simple reminders to help keep your home and family safe.

Every time you return or leave your home, it's important to have already thought about your safety. Here's some things that may help you get a plan:

First, when you get out of your car, don't ever go inside without removing your garage door opener. A burglar can easily break a window and use your opener to get inside.

If you have a house alarm, set it every time you leave and while you're at home. If you don't have one, consider buying one. Many insurance companies will give you a break on your policy.

When you head off to retire for the evening make sure you have a phone by your bed and a cell phone for backup in case you need to call for help.

Another great tip is to put your car keys beside your bed at night. If you hear someone break in, your car keys can serve as an alarm. Hit the alarm or panic button on your keys. The alarm going off outside will scare the burglar off. You should always test this out first.

Install outdoor lighting or motion lights. Burglars thrive in the dark.

Talk to neighbors. Start a neighborhood watch program and exchange ideas. As a matter of fact, a neighborhood watch coordinator gave me that last tip.