Oklahoma's most wanted criminals

Monday, January 14th 2008, 8:24 pm
By: News 9


The search continues for some of Oklahoma's Most Wanted Criminals. Few people know it, but our state has four escaped convicts on the run right now, all wanted for vicious crimes including murder.

Even though they have been missing for quite some time, the state is determined to get them back behind bars.

Teddy Ellis was driving to Norman when he picked up a hitchhiker. That hitchhiker happened to be carrying a collector's black powder, 38 caliber gun. Ellis asked if he could target shoot it, but, when they stopped, Ellis shot the hitchhiker in the head and back.

Ellis was convicted, but, four years later, escaped from the Dick Connors Correctional Center by crawling through a storm drain and cutting the fence. Ellis is now 42-years-old.

Kenneth Cook escaped that same year. He's got tattoos of a heart, bird, elane and rocky.

He was serving time at the Oklahoma State Reformatory for the death of his wife and had a long criminal history. He's 77-years-old now.

Donald Morris escaped in 1977. He was serving time for repeat burglaries, but, had a long record that included three bank robberies, many car thefts and home break-ins.

Morris was at the Jim Hamilton Correctional Center and would be 66-years-old now.

Allen Whitchurch has been on the run since 1989. He was serving 15 years for first degree manslaughter in Tulsa County. He escaped from the Lilley Correctional Center. He still has family in the Bartlesville area and would be 59-years-old.

If you know where one of these escapees might be, call the fugitive hotline at 425-2500.