Teacher arrested, coaches fired in Ada

Friday, January 18th 2008, 11:04 pm
By: News 9

By Rusty Surette, NEWS 9

The Ada School District is coping with the arrest of a teacher, the termination of three coaches and the resignation of two others.

Konawha Don Ade, 31, was arrested this week after Police said she tried to buy cocaine from undercover officer.

Ade is employed by Pontotoc County Co-Op and teaches special education at Willard Grade Center in the Ada school district.

In addition to Ade's arrest, the district officials are dealing with five vacancies in the athletic department.

The school board voted Thursday to fire football coach Steve Dean and two of his assistants. A third assistant resigned Monday and Dean's mother, the school's softball coach, also resigned.

"Being from here and to be treated this way, I just don't think is fair," Dean said.

The former coach said he thinks his termination may stem from an earlier problem with another coach.

"His son played on our team, and it started with a discipline issue," Dean said.

Dean coached the Cougars for four years and former players like Daniel Nisch said they liked the coach.

"He was a good leader," Nisch said. "He was very intense, brought the best out of all of us."

The superintendent and school board members did not return calls seeking comment Friday.