Bill would allow Election Day registration

Tuesday, February 5th 2008, 11:30 pm
By: News 9

By Amy Lester, NEWS 9

A new bill will allow Oklahomans to register to vote at the polls, on Election Day. Nine states already do that with success.

State Representative Ryan Kiesel wants to allow Oklahomans to register on Election Day at the polls and vote. As of now, you must register 24 days in advance.  

"I don't think these arbitrary time frames should prevent someone from exercising the most fundamental of rights," said Kiesel.

Other states have seen results. In 2004, six states with Election Day registration had a 74% voter turnout.

States that did not allow it had 60%. Some voters say this is a no brainer.

"I think it would bring a whole lot more people, a whole lot more people to vote if that was to happen," Iven Stevenson said.

Other voters worry it will lead to impulsive, uneducated voting.

"Too many people put this kind of thing off to the last minute it's unfortunate, because we do need to be prepared for this and do our homework on our candidates," David Rogers said.  

Representative Kiesel disagrees about uneducated voting.

"Whether someone has been thinking about a particular candidate or issue for several months or for several days that should not prevent their voice from being heard," Kiesel said.

If the bill passes, you would fill out a registration form at the polls, show identification, proof of residency, take an oath, and then vote.