Voter eligibility questioned in Big League vote

Monday, March 3rd 2008, 7:41 pm
By: News 9

By Amy Lester, NEWS 9

Some voters aren't sure if they can even cast a ballot in the much anticipated Big League vote in Oklahoma City Tuesday.

Only people who live in Oklahoma City can vote in this election. Some, who live on the border of Oklahoma City and another city, fall into a very strange situation.

Kaye Seale wants nothing more than to vote in the Big League election. But she lives on the wrong side of the street.

"It is frustrating," Seale said. "Half of our street is considered Oklahoma City, and the other half is considered Edmond."

Seale's house is technically in Edmond, even though she has Oklahoma City utilities. Her neighbors across the street are in Oklahoma City. They can vote, while she cannot.

"We try to influence our neighbors as much as possible," Seale said.

Seale is not happy the city line runs down her street. Many voters like her, are calling the county election board for clarification.

"You get a more interesting election like this, and more people that maybe don't vote on a regular basis start inquiring about it," Doug Sanderson of the Oklahoma County Election Board said. "There's some confusion because of that I think."

To vote on March 4, you must be registered at a residence within the geographical boundaries of Oklahoma City.

Many voters who know they are got a jump start during the election board's early voting.

"I just feel good about it," early voter, Danney Lidia said. "I thought we should take the time to come over here and do this."

"It does count," early voter Elaine Sanders said. "They say one vote makes a difference, and I believe it does."

The voters who do not live in Oklahoma City don't count, this time. They'll sit this election out, but not necessarily by choice.

"People on this side of our street do business in Oklahoma City, work in Oklahoma City and so I feel that we should have the right to be a part of that vote," Seale said.

Over the weekend, the ‘Vote Yes Campaign' handed out flyers saying if you pay a water bill to the City of Oklahoma City, you are likely eligible to vote. We saw that wasn't the case for Seale's street.

If you're not sure, call the county election board at 713-1515.