Russian energy drink invades Sooner State

Friday, April 18th 2008, 3:39 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, INsite Team

Oklahomans are discovering an energy drink researched and produced by the Russian Academy of Science.

 Jim Smith has been drinking Tunguska Blast for the last eight months.

"Its product has been around since about 1950 when the Russian's started using it. It's only been in the United States about two years," Smith said.

He attributes losing 35 pounds and quitting smoking to drinking the energy drink.

Darlene King is a distributor of Tunguska Blast. She started selling the beverage after she tried it herself for nine months.

"We've got some people, myself included, that energy, we have so much more energy now," King said. "I personally take two ounces in the morning and two ounces in the evening and I have never felt so good. I just feel good."

What sets the drink apart from all others is where the ingredients for Tunguska Blast are grown.

In 1908, over the Tunguska River Valley, an explosion occurred in the sky. The mid-air explosion effected the ground directly beneath.  Over 850 acres of trees and foliage were instantly obliterated. The re-growth in the region has since been the focus of countless studies by the Russian Academy of Science.  Tunguska Blast is produced with natural ingredients grown in the valley where the explosion occurred.

"They don't know exactly what it was, whether it was a meteorite, earthquake," Smith said. "It leveled 850 acres, all the trees. Made a waste land out of it."

According to Smith, Russian studies of the re-growth showed unusual traits.

"The trees and the plants grew back four times as fast, four times bigger, and four times as potent," Smith said. "They found that ten of the 12 adaptogens that there is in the world, grew in that area, and grew stronger than any place else."

While some people claim the drink affects them in certain ways, King explains that Tunguska Blast isn't marketed as a cure all elixir.

"We do not market Tunguska Blast for the cure, treatment or mitigation of any disease or illness. Tunguska Blast doesn't cure anything," King said. "It simply helps reduce the physiological effects of stress down to a cellular level so that the body can start functioning normal and heal itself."

 Before trying any type of dietary supplement, always check with your doctor.