Black Friday Strategies

Monday, December 3rd 2007, 3:40 pm
By: News 9

Crowds of people waited in long lines and grueling weather; some camped out from days before, some showed up just a few hours early. When the doors were finally unlocked, shoppers stormed in, hoping to be the first to grab the bargain.

We call this day Black Friday. Black Friday is all about getting the good deals, but don't let the day fool you. Just because it's a sale does not mean it's a bargain. When it comes to looking for the best buys, a lot of the sales are leaked early.  Four websites that leak information about sales are:

But keep in mind some of the good deals will only appear in Friday's paper.

A lot of stores will offer a lowest-price guarantee-use it to your advantage by bringing all the newspaper ads with you when you shop. 

"Most stores are eager to match those prices and make you happy," said Bob Manista, president of the Central Oklahoma Better Business Bureau. "Be prepared though, for dirty looks from the people behind you in line-because everyone's in a rush to get to the next sale."

So bring your patience and your attentiveness. You're in a hurry, but so are the stores.

"You need to watch as you're ringing out at any store to make sure no innocent mistakes happen. For instance, something doesn't ring at the right price or you're double charged for something," said Bob Manista.

Look at the store's return policies, some places charge a restocking fee or will only let you do exchanges.

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Originally Aired: 11-22-07