Stroud residents ban together during ice storm

Wednesday, December 12th 2007, 11:27 am
By: News 9


Spots remain without power across the state. In Stroud, 60 miles east of here, the city is primarily without power. A local gas station is serving as the community's source for smaller needed items. An Oncue Express clerk is making the best of the powerless situation.

"Yeah, we're still open," Express Clerk, Ashley Webb said.

Webb is making due in the dark and cold convenience store, keeping it open with just a small calculator to keep track of each transaction residents make for small items they need.

"Mostly everybody has been trying to get waters and bread, you know, milk," Webb said.

Working by the light of a lantern, Webb has been open since the store lost electricity on Monday. Residents are unsure of when the power will restore.

"They're saying it could be up to days; it could be up to weeks," Webb said.

Other residents are coming together to stay warm and fed. A local café is helping to feed the hungry in the community.

"We're just cooking away," owner of The Rock Café, Dawn Welch said. Local businesses, our grocery store, is without electricity, so everybody is looking for some place to put their food."

Stroud restaurants and grocery stores are giving Welch their potentially wasted food. She has been able to cook some things like hamburger patties and french fries in order to both feed the hungry residents as well as keep the food from spoiling.

Welch hopes her café's gas grill can provide a hot meal for more than 2,500 people that might otherwise go hungry.

"Until the food runs out, we're going to continue doing this, or the electricity comes back on," Welch said.

While both Dawn Welch and the Red Cross are working to provide food to Stroud residents, they are running out of supplies. Bread, buns, drinking water, paper plates and plastic silverware are on the list of items that are running low.

The city is working on putting a generator in place at the water treatment plant to supply water to those still without water.