The GMAC Bowl Blog

Sunday, January 6th 2008, 8:21 pm
By: News 9

I just decided on a whim to blog the GMAC Bowl for kicks. Why you ask? Because it's the dag gum GMAC Bowl!!!

7:10pm - Bowling Green has taken the field in their white jerseys with orange and brown trim. Shouldn't it be a rule that if you have a color in the name of your school, you should at least have to have that as an accent color? (Come to think of it, we can't think of another school that would apply nevermind.)

7:14pm - Paul Smith just pulled a Danny White and dropped back from quarterback to punter. Can Sam Bradford or Zac Robinson do that? I think not!

7:17pm - Who in the heck chooses "brown" as an accent color? At some point they had a committee meeting at Bowling Green and someone suggested "brown" as the school color...and everyone agreed!

7:22pm - Tulsa just faked a field goal in the 1st quarter of the GMAC Bowl. ONIONS!

7:29pm - Tulsa just scored, 7-0. Roger Clemens is lying through his teeth on 60 Minutes right now. Mike Wallace just briefly fell asleep during the interview. Back to the game.

7:34pm - What exactly is a "Golden" Hurricane...and do they actually take place in Tulsa, Oklahoma? (So many color palette questions tonight. I need Tim Gunn.)

7:38pm - Tulsa scores again on a great catch by Trae Johnson, 14-0.

7:46pm - Todd Graham looks like Sgt. Carter from Gomer Pyle.

7:47pm - They keep talking about Tulsa wide receiver Brennan Marion being nicknamed "The Milkman" because he "delivers?" Do milkmen actually still deliver? Wouldn't it be better to be nicknamed "The Paperboy" or "The Pizza Delivery Driver" or "Mr. FedEx?"

7:50pm - Tulsa just scored again, 21-0. I also just set a 1st quarter blogging record for the GMAC bowl. There are people actually in the press box right now who's job it is to blog this game who aren't posting as many blogs as I am.

8:03pm - 2nd quarter, Tarrion Adams just threw a halfback touchdown pass, 28-0. This is a whoopin! I wonder if Bowling Green had a shoplifting scandal sometime this week?

8:15pm - The Brownies just fumbled for the 4th time in the 1st half. It's hard to go this long without scoring on the Tulsa defense. Joe Schad just called Paul Smith a mid-round NFL draft pick. I'd take him as a backup on my team.

8:25pm - Tarrion Adams great TD grab, 35-0. Is there a rule that if you decide to blog a game you have to actually watch the whole game?

8:32pm - John Holcomb just said he saw Rusty Hilger pick apart Bowling Green in Stillwater in 1984. Little known fact - Holcomb stops and picks up either Chili's or Pei Wei every Sunday night on his way to the Blitz studio. Tonight = Chili's (chicken tacos).

8:38pm - Joe Schad just did a 2nd-consecutive sideline report without cursing. New personal record.

8:46pm - 35-0 at half. Bowling Green's QB just got hurt. ESPN has decided to show women's billiards instead of the 2nd half.

9:07pm - They just showed the Falcon Marching Band at halftime. The floutist fumbled her flute three times. Not their night. Now would be a good time to let everyone know that I played the trumpet in my high school marching band. Toes Up!

9:24pm - Bowling Green just ran a kick back for a TD, 42-7. OHHHH WOW!!!! Their punt returner just got blown up! That's one of the biggest hits I've ever seen. This is sick. Am I really still watching this game? Now it's just a test of survival to see if I can make it to the end.

10:01pm - It's the 4th quarter. Thank God!

10:05pm - Tulsa just scored again to go up 56-7. That's it. I'm done. I defy anyone to blog an entire GMAC Bowl. It can't be done. I'm going to go lay down now. My head hurts. BCS Championship Game prediction coming in the morning.