LSU vs Ohio State Game Blog

Monday, January 7th 2008, 8:39 pm
By: News 9

Blow-by-blow of the BCS Championship Game.

7:25pm - Beanie Wells is GONE! Great start to the night.

7:33pm - Snap over the head of Flynn. LSU has to punt. Ohio State had to thwart the crowd early. Mission accomplished. Les Miles is trying to get his team to calm down. The "Hat's" jaw is already clinched. This will be fun to watch.

7:38pm - I'm trying to power though the fact that Thom Brennaman is calling this game. What's the deal with the "h" in Thom? I will refer to myself as Thoby the rest of the night.

7:40pm - Bo Pelini is wearing that sweatshirt again. I thought he might spruce it up a bit being the BCS Championship Game and all. He always looks like it's Saturday morning and he just got back from breakfast at Jim's Restaurant. I hope he improves the wardrobe as a head coach. He's like a Belichick junior. By the way, Ohio State just kicked a field goal, 10-0.

7:49pm - Watching a game in the SuperDome is making me itch again.

7:51pm - Great uniform matchup. Both teams wearing their famous home jerseys.

7:56pm - FG for LSU, 10-3. This next possession is huge. If Ohio State can take it down and score again they take an early stranglehold on the game.

8:03pm - Buckeyes forced to punt. It's on now! This is shaping up to be a great game. End of 1st quarter, 10-3 OSU. The whole key to this game is whether or not LSU can figure out a way to stop Beanie Wells. I'm already excitedly anticipating the Les Miles halftime on-field interview. I expect spittle.

8:08pm - Perrilloux is in the game for the 1st time. There should be a rule that LSU has to have two guys on the field at all times whose name ends in "x." The Tigers just tied the game with a touchdown to the tight end, 10-10. Wow!

8:09pm - Don't you get the feeling that Jim Tressel would probably enjoy Branson?

8:23pm - LSU blocks a FG attempt. Uh Oh! Momentum has swung.

8:29pm - Remember the kid in grade school that everyone would dare to ram his head into a wall or a pole or a dumpster? I bet Jacob Hester was that kid in his grade school.

8:30pm - LSU TD pass to Lafell, 17-10. Ohio State is on the ropes now. They need an answer on this next drive.

8:37pm - LSU just picked off Boeckman. Trouble in Buckeyeville.

8:45pm - Touchdown hammerhead. LSU up 24-10. The Bayou Bengals look like a runaway freight train right now. My pick isn't looking good.

8:53pm - Halftime. 24-10 LSU. The Buckeyes are going to need something to happen big in special teams early in the 2nd half to turn the tide of momentum.

9:03pm - Ohio State just won the halftime kicker challenge. Confusion reigns. Nobody knows where the giant check is. How do you lose a giant check? Yet another bad break for the Buckeyes.

9:15pm - I thought my television had lost the satellite signal, but then I realized that test pattern was Jamarcus Russell's sweater. It looked like he had the skull of a raccoon around his neck.

9:20pm - Trinity University just won $100,000 for that 15-lateral touchdown. They went nuts! I bet they move campus curfew back to 11:30pm tonight to celebrate.

9:24pm - 2nd half underway. Les Miles is 30 minutes of football away from having exactly as many National Championships as Bob Stoops. Let that sink in.

9:28pm - What do you think? Should I have laser surgery to remove the mole from my chin?...or is it a Cindy Crawford-esque beauty mark?

9:34pm - How did he not block that punt? Huge play!

9:38pm - Touchdown Early Doucet. Ballgame. 31-10. I wonder if he was born on his due date?

9:52pm - Charles Davis hasn't said one thing I'd consider insightful tonight. Why can't Joe Buck and Troy Aikman do this game?

9:53pm - After an Ohio State interception, Tressel now has to decide whether to go for it on 4th & Goal from the 5. He's going for it! Got It! TD to Robiskie. That was enormous. Still breathing. 31-17.

10:13pm - Timeout. Another HUGE 4th down coming up for Ohio State. 4th & 7 in LSU territory with about 11 minutes to play. Fumble. LSU recovers. Good Night Esther!

10:42pm - Well I'm wrong again. I'm so glad I have a blog now so my stupidity is documented. The "Hat" is about to get the Gatorade bath. Tressel and Stoops need to vacation together this summer to discuss bowl game preparation. 38-24 is the final. I hope Les gives us something good in the post-game euphoria. Good night Oklahoma.