My Sports Bucket List

Friday, January 18th 2008, 9:15 am
By: News 9

Inspired by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman's new movie "The Bucket List," here are the top 10 venues or events I'd like to visit in sports before I kick the bucket.

10) Michigan's "Big House" - preferably a game against Ohio State.

9) Cameron Indoor Stadium

8) The Kentucky Derby

7) The Rose Bowl

6) The Masters and/or The British Open

5) Old Yankee Stadium

4) Lambeau Field

3) Fenway Park

2) The Olympics  - outside the U.S.

1) The World Cup - I know bashing on soccer is a popular past time in America, but I am fascinated by the passion and fanaticism of the World Cup. I think it would be great to experience one in a European country.

What's on your ultimate sports bucket list?