Sports Opinion Potpourri for the Weekend

Saturday, January 19th 2008, 5:48 pm
By: News 9

-Bug Selig gets a three-year contract extension? Are you kidding me? Does anybody actually have any faith that this guy can guide baseball out of the steroid era? He's the one that crashed the car. Wouldn't the sport be so much better off with a young, energetic leader who can hear? I vote for Bob Costas.

-AFC Championship Game. Patriots big. The Chargers have yapped too much. Time to get slapped down a notch. Prediction: New England 42-17.

-NFC Championship Game. I think Eli will struggle with the cold. He needs it to be 70 degrees and sunny to thrive. Prediction: Packers 31-21, setting up one of the more intriguing Super Bowls in recent memory.

-HUGE games for OU and OSU on Saturday. The Cowboys absolutely have to find a way to win a road game. This is about their best shot at Iowa State. OU has to get off on the right foot in the six or seven game stretch without Blake Griffin. They can't lose another home game. Predictions: Iowa State 73-71 over OSU. OU beats Texas Tech 64-59.