1,200 residents are told not to drink water in Lone Grove

Thursday, January 24th 2008, 8:10 pm
By: News 9

By Gan Mathews, NEWS 9

Water problems are forcing 1,200 residents of Lone Grove to use bottled water.

Residents were completely without water on Thursday, but now most residents can now use water for laundry or flushing toilets.

Firefighters handed out bottled water because the city shut off running water due to a main break and a chemical spill.

Herbicide spilled into a water line. The spill has shut off water in Lone Grove and brought the Department of Environmental Quality to town.

The blue residue still lined the creek like a bathtub ring. Inspectors took water samples downstream to see how far the herbicide spread. Meanwhile, Lone Grove residents must adjust to no running water.

Until the water comes back on, Lone Grove residents are going to the fire station to pick up what they need. They pick up bottled water for drinking and non-potable water to flush their toilets. Some families have made multiple trips to fill up.

No one is supposed to drink water from the tap until further notice.