Actions and reactions from Porter's resignation

Friday, January 25th 2008, 4:50 pm
By: News 9

By Mary Joseph, NEWS 9

Just 24 hours after superintendent Porter and chairman Hudson resigned, the community is speaking out on who is being effected the most and what needs to be done.

Sandra Park has been the interim superintendent since the board voted to suspend Porter. She said throughout this entire ordeal, teachers and children have not lost their focus on education.

The students are not immune to what is happening in the district, she said.

"It would be naïve of us to ever think that our students are not watching what we as adults are doing," said Park. 

However, she said the students do not seem to be letting the ordeal get in the way of their education, she said. But with Porter out just a few months after he began, the toll on the district may be another story.

"It can't be good for a school system," said Park. "Unfortunately, it's not that unusual for an urban district."

One spiritual group met Thursday night to discuss plans for the future.

"We're here to discuss and refocus our attention upon the new task at hand," said Pastor Teron Gaddis, a member of the Concerned Clergy for Spiritual Renewal.

The spiritual group would like to see a clear financial audit from the district. The group has turned a petition with 10,000 signatures over to state Superintendent Susan Garrett, asking her to request a school district audit.