Wasabi-Sesame and Soy Crusted Chicken

Saturday, February 9th 2008, 10:51 am
By: News 9


Wasabi-Sesame & Soy Crusted Chicken

Roland's Wasabi-flavored Sesame Seeds (available at Buy For Le$$)
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts

Pour Roland's Wasabi-flavored Sesame Seeds in a dish or platter. Place a chicken breast on top of the sesame seeds, coating one side of the chicken.

Then place the chicken breast on a two-sided grill and cook. Since the grill is heated on both sides, it should only take 2 to 3 minutes to thoroughly cook the chicken.

"Asianesque" Salad

1 bag pre-cut, pre-washed lettuce
1 bag coleslaw mix
1 can Roland's Mandarin Orange slices (drained) (available at Buy For Le$$)
1 C fresh pineapple
1 C carrot slivers

Mix all the salad ingredients together in a bowl, along with salad dressing (see below).

"Asianesque" Salad Dressing

1 C Italian dressing
1 T Roland's Soy Sauce (available at Buy For Le$$)

Mix/stir the ingredients together and add to the "Asianesque" salad

To Serve:

Place salad in plate, top with fully-cooked chicken. Pour approximately 2 Tablespoons Roland's Soy Sauce across salad and on top of chicken. Garnish with chives (if desired and you have any on hand).