Man strangles wife over pancakes, police say

Tuesday, February 12th 2008, 4:19 pm
By: News 9

By Lisa Spinelli,

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Jacob Andrew Laws, 28, was arrested Monday afternoon for attacking his wife because he was unhappy with breakfast, according to an Oklahoma City police report.

Displeased with his pancakes, Laws began to verbally and physically attack his wife Jessica, according to the police report. Laws took his flapjack distaste to an extreme level when he allegedly grabbed his wife by the neck and threw her to the floor. She got up, but Laws then threw her on their bed and began hitting her, read the report.

According to officials, Laws got on top of his wife and slapped her repeatedly in the face and began strangling her in front of her two children.

Police said when Laws was finished attacking his wife, Jessica drove, with a friend, to the Will Rogers Briefing Station with her two children. Police photographed the red marks on her neck and face, but have not yet released those photos.

Laws was arrested for domestic abuse and assault and battery. He also has arrest warrants for failing to appear in a Canadian County courtroom for DUI charges and fraudulent check charges.