Working out has its health benefits

Monday, March 17th 2008, 1:40 pm
By: News 9

I cannot believe that I have lost 8lbs in the first 2 weeks.  Kevin is still working real hard to lose some weight.  We are praying for some downward movement on the scale Monday at weigh in.  Kevin is gaining muscle, his clothes are fitting differently and he just looks leaner and people are starting to notice.  But, when you are on TV in a weight loss competition and the scale does not move it is embarrassing because you feel like people are going think you have been cheating and believe me he isn't.  It will be okay because something else has fallen and it is very important.  See Kevin is Type II diabetic and when we first found that he was diabetic his blood sugars were in the upper 500's (when they normally they are to be under 100).

We were terrified; we have had a hard time to get his sugars under control we got them down to 230, still high but better than 500.  Well, on Thursday night just before he left for work we checked them they were 190.  I was so stoked.   Just in Two weeks they have fallen. This dieting and exercising is working in the fact that his sugar levels are getting better. 

Liz our personal trainer is so great she keeps telling Kevin it will be okay.  She gives us great
advice and encourages us.  The whole staff at Pacer Intergis Fitness Center is great.  They are so nice and you don't feel intimidated at all.  When you are overweight and walk into a gym I feel like they are saying what in the world are they doing here and you do not get that feeling when you walk into Pacer. 

Again, I will say I cannot wait until the end of the 12 weeks to see how great the Bylers do and how we do.  Until next week I encourage everyone that reads our blogs to get out there and begin to live a new lifestyle just after 3 weeks I feel great.   YOU CAN DO IT!!!