Staying committed to your fitness plan

Wednesday, March 19th 2008, 9:32 am
By: News 9


Boredom and lack of time are two big reasons why people fail to stick with their fitness plan. So, whether you never actually made it to the gym to begin with, or you simply fell off the wagon, here's some glue that is sure to help you stick with a program...

Write a list of pros and cons.

Is the intended result really worth the work or sacrifice?

Make a list and review it every time you start to lose your motivation.

Choose an activity you enjoy.

You can lose interest in even the most enjoyable activities if you do them a long time. Try varying your fitness routine to helps you stick with it.

Don't do what you hate.

If you loathe going to a gym, try working out at home. If you despise the treadmill, then jump rope, lift weights, or find a basketball court. Bottom line: If you're sick of your routine, find a new one.

Or, go ahead, squat first.

If you have trouble finishing your weight workout, start with the exercises you dread. By doing this, you can look forward to your favorite exercises at the end of your workout.

Make your goals attractive.

For example, if you're a 200-pound guy, decide whether you'd rather bench "over 200 pounds," "the bar with two 45-pound plates on each side," or "your body weight." Here you are saying the same thing, but in a way that is more motivating to you.

Focus on today.

Forget next week, next month, what will happen when your work or home life gets busier. Stay in your plan for today. Projection can mean sabotage. Stay in the moment, stay in the day, do what is right in front of you and everything will get done.

Think habit.

Trying to make up for lost time with super intense workouts can lead to a serious burnout. Instead, focus on just getting some workout time in. Plan your workouts for the week and call yourself successful just for showing up.

Enlist a friend to exercise with you.

A workout buddy can encourage you, but also hold you accountable to your fitness goals.

Be flexible.

If your busy schedule means you are unable to manage a half-hour walk, take the pressure off.. Try breaking your workout into three, 10-minute walks. Chances are you will continue to keep the routine up.

Spice it up.

Add some pump-up music or a book on tape to instantly make your routine more interesting.

Sign up for an athletic event.

Signing up for a triathlon, walk-a-thon, or bike-a-thon can help you set goals you can work toward. It can also get you motivated about physical activity again, especially if your old routine quits giving you results.

The AARP, Yahoo! Health and Men's Health all contributed to this report.