Crime and Inexperience: A Cautionary Tale

Wednesday, March 26th 2008, 7:58 pm
By: News 9

It's one of those stories you simply can't make up. 

According to police, two young women decided to sell drugs outside of an Oklahoma City school. During the course of this crime, they are robbed by five male suspects.  The women call police to report the robbery and are immediately arrested.

It sounds like a bad bar joke, but it was anything but.  Just ask 19-year old Melinda Haggy and 18-year old Diamond Black who as of this writing, remain in the Oklahoma County jail.

As funny as this situation seems - and believe me, I laughed along with most of the people who heard this story, - it does raise questions about life experience, naiveté and crime.

I don't know the backgrounds of these women or what led them to a school at night to allegedly partake in a crime.  But what's interesting to me is that they didn't appear to have the intelligence or street sense to realize that a) what they were reportedly doing was wrong and b) calling a law enforcement agency for help after being attacked during the commission of a crime probably wasn't a good idea.

Assuming this is their first brush with the law, I would hope both of these women would learn and grow from this experience and avoid anymore dalliances with crime. Clearly, they're not equipped to handle the fallout.