Save on your wedding

Thursday, April 10th 2008, 12:31 pm
By: News 9

Are you getting all those wedding invitations in the mail yet?  We received two in the mail just this week.  This is the time of year for those spring and then summer weddings, and if wedding bells are ringing for you soon you know things can get expensive quickly, so a couple of saving ideas this morning.

  • Think about having your ceremony and reception in the morning, or a Friday or Sunday night, it won't cost as much.
  • Try to keep your guest list minimal that will cut down on cost.
  • Try this one, make your own veil. Most craft stores sell how-to books and even supplies on designing your own veil, which can be fun if you do it with a friend or your mom, and if will save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Shop online for your wedding dress. Go to a nearby bridal shop and try on dresses so you know they fit, then begin your search online, you could end up saving big.
  • Use silk flowers. Silk flowers are beautiful, look real, and are always less than real flowers.
  • And Brides don't get toostressed out planning yourbig day. I thought you might like this reminder and little "free" medical advice from Dr. Bauman, "Remember to exercise, drink your water, get enough sleep and try not to get stroked out for the most important day of your life."

And one other note today, I have been asking you and all our viewers to send me your great savings ideas or let me know if you hear of any good deals going on. Here is part of an e-mail that came to me from Midwest City:

In Midwest City, on NE 23rd street, there is a group of shops that offer the best deals to the public (Mary's Swap Meet, Golden Goose Family Flea Market, and Angels used furniture).  You can find nice, laundered, used clothes (dress and casual) for pocket change, and tools for less than a dollar.  Used furniture deals are everywhere.  All wood Desks for $20, chairs for $5, be sure to get to Mary's Swap Meet early, as the best deals are gone by 9 a.m. 

Hope you are having a Great Day.