Midwest City man saves neighbor from fire

Tuesday, May 6th 2008, 5:27 pm
By: News 9

By Dave Jordan, NEWS 9

A daring rescue has left two Midwest City men injured. One man is in hospital fighting for his life while the other man is being hailed a hero, by some.

Vance Riley could have burned to death if he didn't rush out of his house, scream for help and catch the attention of Steve Edwards.

"You couldn't see him because he was completely engulfed in flames," Edwards said. "It was like a foot above his head and...it was just one giant fireball."

Without hesitating, Edwards ran to help the burning man.

"I ran across the street, I knocked him down, rolled him around in the grass and put him out the best I could," Edwards said.

Edwards' girlfriend also helped in the rescue efforts.

"I ran across the street and then came back and grabbed a blanket to put him out with, grabbed the phone and called 911," said Amy Cortez.

Edwards said he believed the fire started after Riley used gasoline to clean the carburetor of a lawn mower while inside his house. Edwards suffered from second and third degree burns to his hands.

"My skin was hanging down, seven or eight inches off my hand...just melted the skin right off my hand," Edwards said.

Despite the injuries, Edwards said he'd do it all over again to save his neighbor.