I'm a Fat Weatherman!

Thursday, May 8th 2008, 4:24 pm
By: News 9

By far the coolest part of my job is what I've got to experience the last couple of weeks. I took a quick trip to Seattle to do a 1-on-1 interview with NBA Rookie of the Year, Kevin Durant. And I'm writing today from the press box at Coors Field in Denver where we just finished a 1-on-1 with Rockies slugger and former Stillwater High School star Matt Holliday, an interview that will air Sunday night on the Statewide Oklahoma Sports Blitz. Rough job, huh? Trust me; I'm thankful every day for the opportunity and privilege to do what I do for a living.

Here are some random thoughts from the two trips:

- Todd Helton told me I look like a white Al Roker (before he lost the weight).

- A person high-up inside the Sonics organization told me that there is a significant percentage of their employees who can't wait to get to Oklahoma City. He said they are tired of the attitude in Seattle and are looking forward to being in a place where they are the only show in town. They've heard a lot about how friendly the people are the tremendously affordable cost of living and the enthusiasm of the fans. He estimated that up to 30% of the employees currently working for the team will make the trip to Oklahoma City.

- Kevin Durant has the same kind of shy sweetness that Chris Paul had. He's only 19-years-old! Think about that. He's a better interview than I expected and will do fine as the rallying point for the face of a franchise in OKC.

- Todd Helton told me I look like a white Al Roker. I can't get over that. My self-esteem is shot. I gotta find a treadmill.

- We flew so close to Mt. Rainier on the way to Seattle that I swear we could have seen climbers on its peak. It was actually above us. How about trying to dodge mountains in a 767? That was one of the most awesome sights I've ever seen.

- Clint Hurdle's head is HUGE! I mean literally a massive melon. He has to wear a size 8-and-a-half hat at least.

- Matt Holliday had some interesting things to say about OSU. He says he keeps up with the football and basketball programs a little bit, but doesn't care about the baseball program after what happened to his dad. That's understandable. He said it wasn't so much hard feelings as ambivalence.

- I found people in Seattle to be a bit odd. For such a beautiful place, they sure did seem to be grumpy. And not just about the Sonics. I assume it had something to do with all the rain. Everybody seemed miserable.

- In Seattle we went around asking people on the street what they thought about when I said "Oklahoma City." A good 75-80 percent said "the bombing."

- Coors Field is a beautiful ballpark, but I think I would've built it with the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop in centerfield. It's pointing away from one of the most scenic vistas in the world.

- Al Roker!?! Come On!?!

- There are very few things in sports better than a day baseball game and a bag of peanuts.

- Wouldn't it be a little troubling to live in the shadow of an active volcano? I mean everywhere you look in Seattle, there's Mt. Rainier. It might not go off for another 3,000 years, but what if it's today? No wonder they're so grumpy.

- I don't want P.J. Carlesimo to be the head coach when the Sonics come to Oklahoma City. I was expecting to NOT like him when I interviewed him. But he couldn't have been nicer. That was disappointing.

- Sam Presti (Sonics GM) looks like he's 12-years-old. I almost gave him a dollar to park my car.

- That's it. I'm too depressed to continue. I'm going to do some pushups.