Global Warming Panic

Tuesday, June 24th 2008, 3:41 pm
By: News 9

Just this past week, more stories were passed along to the public about global warming and the terrible things it's doing to our world.  I see those stories and yes, some may be correct but many others are so bogus that they almost jump off the page and choke you; at least I almost choke on the garbage they spew upon the unsuspecting public.

The way it works right now is someone makes a "study" available or offers an opinion. Then that information hits the Internet or newsroom and spreads rapidly around the world as the truth. 

I think what needs to happen is when a global warming story arrives in a newsroom, it should be researched and checked out by the news department.  And that means talking to a   proponent of global warming and also to a person who is not so sure that such extreme statements and dire warnings are necessary or even truthful.

Recently it was announced on a national news show that the floods in Iowa were caused by global warming.  I have a message for the person who made such a stupid and dangerous statement.   And that message is prove it.

Talk about a need for checks and balances!