The 4th of July

Monday, June 30th 2008, 6:38 pm
By: News 9

On July 4th we celebrate our independence.  It wasn't given to us.  It was won by people from every walk of life who had reached the mutual decision that it was time to throw the Brits out of our country.  It was a bloody affair where men sacrificed their lives and their meager fortunes to ensure that the millions of us who came later would have a great and free country.  On the 4th I always think about what happened during that war.  But on the 4th I also think about Thanksgiving!

As you can imagine, some Brits are still a bit sensitive about our war for independence.  Several years ago, I was with a News9 crew in Great Britain doing stories on a hurricane that had done them great harm.  With me was my wife Mary.  Mary loves to visit.  So at a certain point Mary and our British driver drifted into a conversation about holidays and what each country does to celebrate.  Mary asked the very British driver, "What do you all do for Thanksgiving?"  It became very silent in the vehicle.  The driver slowly turned toward Mary and said, "You're the ones that left!"