Behind the scenes

Wednesday, July 2nd 2008, 6:52 pm
By: News 9


What an exciting day to be inside an Oklahoma City newsroom.  The buzz around town is the decision surrounding the future of the Seattle Sonics and when the team will make a move to Oklahoma City.

The judge in the case was set to post her historic decision on a web site at 6:00 our time (I'm guessing she had dinner plans ... ?)  and a long line of press conferences were scheduled to follow in both Seattle and OKC.

That all changed shortly before 4 p.m. when it was announced that a settlement was reached between the city of Seattle and the owners of the team.

Now, normally, I'd be in the middle of all this chaos, but today I was assigned to do additional research and writing on a special report that will air later this month.

So, I've had the opportunity to sit back in my corner of the newsroom and watch the hustle and bustle unfold before my eyes. Dean Blevins and the rest of the sports guys have been running back and forth to the studio to give our viewers the first and very latest updates on the case.

The producers, reporters, photographers, editors, anchors and assignment editors have been busy calling contacts, organizing the information, and making sure we attribute the correct information to the correct sources.

What you seen on-air is a smooth, calm newscast, but behind the scenes is an organized chaos orchestrated by the professionals and leaders of the # 1 newsroom in town.  There's plenty of running around, yelling and phones ringing off the hook.   It's crazy, but it's working. 

It's exciting to be able to sit back and watch history unfold as we prepare to inform our viewers on the future of the Sonics.

And the night is far from over....

Rusty Surette