Operation Boot Camp - Day 15

Monday, July 14th 2008, 11:54 am
By: News 9

July 14

Operation Boot Camp - Day 15

When I saw the cones this morning I almost grabbed them and took off running, planning to either hide them or, better yet, set them on fire so we would never have to use them again. Of course since I'm an extremely slow runner, Scott would have quickly caught me, and would have probably made me do extra squats and buy new cones.

So, instead I fell in line and went ahead with the workout, cones and all. Today's workout was called "pushing it." It consisted of a lot of running drills, including sprinting between cones, which is a sad sight to see. My "sprint" is about as fast as the other campers' crawl. Nonetheless, we did running drills (including those darn suicides) followed by push-up holds...followed by drills...followed by push-up holds. You get the picture.

The final push-up hold lasted five minutes. FIVE MINUTES! We all made it through!

Hoo ya!

-- Paula