Dieting Dilemma: Life On The Road

Monday, July 14th 2008, 2:52 pm
By: News 9

One of the perks of being a reporter is that you get to travel. Since I've joined News 9 in July 2005, I've have logged quite a few land and air miles for the station.  Dallas, New Orleans, Houston, Miami, New York and the Gulf of Mexico are just some of the places I've reported from.  

The downside to all that travel is that it can be hard on your waistline. You are at the mercy of whatever restaurant is in your path. Any reporter in any city will tell you that because of the volume of what we have to do and the deadlines that are always fast-approaching, a daily sit-down meal is a myth.  Ditto when you travel in or out of state for a story.

Last month, Reporter Jacqueline Sit, Photographer John Almendarez and went on the road for a 5-part series on summer travel destinations. We drove to Arkansas, Kansas, Texas and Missouri.  By the end of the trips, all three of us gained weight.

Jacqueline would kill me if I told you how much weight she gained and John would help her bury the body, so I won't speak on their issues.  But in the three weeks that I traveled for this series, I gained about 10lbs. That doesn't sound like much, but it was a big deal for me, having lost about 45lbs last year when I started back at the gym.

The fact of the matter is that there weren't many restaurants that offered healthy food. John would load up his truck with fruit and water every morning, but by the end of the day, the only options were fast-food and local fried cuisine.

For our last trip in Missouri, we hiked a long trail in the woods and then ran up more than 200 steps. After John shot video of us, he put down his camera and also ran up the stairs. Jacqueline and I followed him, running the steps for a second time. I truly believe that final trip was the catalyst of getting us back in gear and back on the road to fitness and healthy eating.

Once I went back to the daily reporting grind, I returned to the gym, vowing to shed the excess weight. Next time, I'll plan ahead.