The Dream Ticket: a distant memory?

Friday, August 1st 2008, 4:21 pm
By: News 9

July 31, 2008

By Samantha Hayes

WASHINGTON -- Senator Hillary Clinton will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention, but not in the role many in her party might like to see.  Tuesday night -- August 26th -- is Clinton's night, according to a preliminary schedule provided by supporters.  That's the night before Barack Obama's still unnamed running mate is expected to speak.

Clinton's night is the 88th anniversary of the day women earned the right to vote and she will be joined on stage by the senate's other democratic women.  There are 11 in all.

Obama is expected to make his acceptance speech on Thursday after his ticket mate has had his or her night in the spotlight.

This latest bit of news makes it appear that Clinton no longer is among those being considered.

"The reason Hillary Clinton is out is because she's not on message for Barack Obama," said CNN political analyst Gloria Borger.  "Her campaign is not about change; she represents Washington."

But 18 million people did vote for her during the primary season, and Obama still doesn't want to offend her supporters. As late as last weekend, he told NBC's "Meet the Press" that Clinton would be "on anybody's short list."

But since then, the list apparently has gotten shorter.

It is likely Obama will announce his VP pick before the convention. But it will be interesting to see how this candidate is received when the party gathers in Denver.  Even before Clinton suspended her campaign, supporters were calling for a "dream ticket" to unify the party.  Is there someone else who can do that?  It's a serious question for the Democrats who want, more than anything, to come out of the convention with a united party backing a winning ticket.