Woman accused of stealing from Salvation Army

Friday, August 15th 2008, 7:12 pm
By: News 9


TULSA, Okla. -- A former Salvation Army employee is wanted by Tulsa Police after being charged with embezzlement.  Tina Galloway is the former finance director for the Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Center.  Galloway is faceing charges of taking thousands of dollars from one of the Salvation Army's most important fundraisers.

While police keep searching for her, the Salvation Army is working to regain trust.

The Adult Rehabilitation Center helps adult men get back on their feet after struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.  Most of the money used to fund the program comes from the sale of donated trucks and cars.  Last week's auction raised $20,000.

"The people that worked with her and knew her were surprised and shocked and saddened," Salvation Army Major Tom Overton said.

According to a police affidavit, Galloway began working for the Salvation Army in June 2002.  Investigators said the embezzlement started three years later in 2005 and lasted until June of this year when she went on leave.

Those who replaced her position discovered the missing money, amounting to more than $205,000.

Overton said the Salvation Army is not worried about the money, as it was bonded and they should get it all back. Their concern, and the reason they spoke out, is losing the trust of the people who donate to and support the Salvation Army.

"We've added a second person in our bookkeeping department that I think will enable us to spread the work out a little more so that not one person is doing everything," Overton said.

Galloway lives in a south Tulsa home.  Neighbors describe her as a quiet person whose family kept to themselves.

Overton said the Salvation Army is not angry with Galloway, just disappointed.

"We pray for Ms. Galloway and pray that through this process that she will come to terms with these kinds of things in her life as well," Overton said.