'Go Green' with your Hybrid

Friday, August 22nd 2008, 7:06 pm
By: News 9

By Jacqueline Sit, NEWS 9

With the pinch at the pump, drivers have to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for gas.

With the popularity of the Hybrid models, it could save you on both gas and money.

With so many Hybrid models in the market, it may be hard to decide where to start.

"It used a combination of battery power as well as engine power and combines those two, that's why it's called a hybrid," Ben Hayes with Mark Heitz Chevrolet said.

Not all Hybrid cars are created equal.

"Most of your gases come from your stop and go driving and that's where you lose most of your fuel efficiency," Hayes said.

A Hybrid car, however, helps you save that gas while sitting in traffic. Depending on the size of the car, the smaller the vehicle, the better the gas efficiency may be.

"Versus the Tahoe as you're driving it, it's a bigger SUV, it's heavier, it doesn't have good fuel mileage normally, but the hybrid technology really picks that end of it up," Hayes said.

While better gas mileage is a big plus for many drivers it could mean it pollutes less as well.

"When you do shut the engine off obviously you got less emission and all of them are going to make an impact that uses that type of technology," Hayes said.

If you want more bang for your buck, it sounds like this wave of Hybrid car technology is here to stay, and that could drive you a long way.

Like any vehicle, even if it's a Hybrid, experts say saving gas all comes down to your driving habits, from keeping your AC off and watching your speed.

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