Thursday, August 28th 2008, 8:50 am
By: News 9

Hey there everyone......How far would you go to stretch a dollar? It seems we are all trying to think of new ways to make our money work for us... the "Power for your Pocketbook looks at unique ways to make our money go further.

    I want to warn you.. some of these ideas might be  a little drastic.... but I thought you might want to hear about them:) These are actual tips from www.ivillage.com. readers.

One 55 year old mom says think about washing your clothes at a lower temperature. With new detergents she says if you will wash at 30°C, your whites will be sparkling clean. .. and it can save a lot of money!

 Another reader says when it comes to jeans.... try patching the holes when the knees wear out... then  when that patch wears out.. cut the legs off and turn around and sew them back on. When the knees wear out again ....it's time for the jeans to be become cut-offs.

Another idea for ladies... from one woman who says ..."One of my favorite ways to save money is the fact that I always buy my clothes from the men's department. You'd be surprised at how much you can save. I buy my socks, T-shirts, pajama pants, and stadium jackets in the men's department. They're as high in quality as the women's but are usually MUCH MUCH cheaper."

And this was the wildest thing I had heard... from one woman who says her electric bill was knocked down to $9 dollars.Everything in her  house is unplugged except the fridge and stove. Everything! Every time she uses the TV toaster, or alarm clock... She plugs it in, uses it, and unplugs it when shes gone.  And again she says it has resulted in her having a $9 dollar electric bill.

Food for thought....

Hope you have a safe and blessed Labor Day Holiday....