Controversy surrounds Palin

Wednesday, September 3rd 2008, 7:15 pm
By: News 9

By Kirsten McIntyre, NEWS 9

Just about everywhere you go you can hear people debating the 2008 presidential race and whether or not Governor Palin was a good choice for the republican ticket.

Some say that all the scrutiny is fair, while still some others think there may be sexism in politics.

Both NEWS 9 political experts agree; it's been a tough week for Sarah Palin.

Her record isn't the only thing under a microscope, so is her family life, and whether she can be a good mother and a vice president at the same time.

Until last week Palin was a name most Oklahomans were unfamiliar with hearing.

NEWS 9's political analyst Keith Gaddie said Palin is under pressure to perform at the Republican National Convention.

"We're going to see how she handles herself, how she can rally the base," Gaddie said. "It should be an exciting speech."

Gaddie admits there's still sexism in politics. He said Palin was picked because she's a woman, but as far as the microscope she's been under, he said that happens to everyone.

"Every candidate gets treated like this," Gaddie said. "The first time you're rolled out on the national stage, you get rolled around, and Sarah Palin got knocked around and they're going to keep knocking her around."

Representing the female side of politics, Cindy Rosenthal is not just Norman's mayor, but she also teaches a course in Woman in Politics at the University of Oklahoma.

"Some of the scrutiny we like to characterize as an over attention to the three Hs; husband, hemlines and hairlines," Rosenthal said.

Rosenthal said without question the coverage of Palin has been unfair.

"It's certainly not the same kind of coverage other vice presidential candidates have gotten, or Joe Biden for that matter," Rosenthal said.

As for her speech, some think Palin is under pressure to prove herself as a strong woman.

"If he falls, she's going to pick up the gun and stand and that's the image they were looking for," Gaddie said. "Sarah Palin is the moose killing feminist."

Regardless of where you stand politically the race is one for the history books.