Even if you don’t believe

Thursday, September 4th 2008, 5:49 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, News9.com INsite Team

I find everyone's reaction to my paranormal stories interesting. Whatever your stance, real or not real, I got a reaction from you.

Multiple people make fun of the stories and say how much time I'm wasting for nothing. Am I? I like to think that we have enough reporters in the world covering the same old stories, why can't one reporter do paranormal stories here and there?

While editing one of the paranormal stories at my desk, one news photographer, who adamantly denies the existence of ghosts, was the first to come over and ask to see my evidence from the case. Why is it that those who don't believe, are the first who want to see the collected evidence?

The other side of these stories is the people who request the help of investigators. People who feel they are experiencing something they can't explain. There really isn't a division of the U.S. government that people can call if they see a ghost or hear a voice.

I have found that true investigators look at every aspect that might contribute to the phenomena. Everything from background checks to local historical research is done. Teams even check what types of medicines people take.

People who request help usually are at their wits end. They start to question the experiences they've had and sometimes reality itself. All they seek from investigative groups is validation and reassurance of what they seem to be experiencing.

The majority of investigative groups don't receive any type of funding besides donations. Most don't even get gas money.

At the end of investigations, I've always noticed a sense of relief from the clients and an appreciation for all of the investigators' hard work.