To believe, or not to believe

Wednesday, October 22nd 2008, 5:57 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, INsite Team

I was just looking at some of the responses on my Eldorado story. Wow! I didn't realize this story would strike a nerve with so many people.

I do these stories because there are people who find the paranormal very interesting. People who don't even believe in the paranormal click on these stories and read them. They then spend extra more time posting a comment denouncing the stories. By the time it's all said and done, people wind up spending 10 to 20 minutes on the Web site.

Then there are people out there who really believe in the paranormal. If you look through history, people have believed in the paranormal since the beginning of time. A lot of societies believe in a higher power and an afterlife.

There are people that believe that they are experiencing events that might be paranormal. They can't seem to explain whatever it is that they are experiencing. Most of the time, these people are just looking for answers and validation. They just want to know if what they are experiencing is all in their head, or if it's really happening.

I truly believe a lot of people won't come forward with their experiences because of the ridicule they feel they will face, just like some of the responces on my Eldorado story. Is that fair to them? Should they not seek out help? Should they just keep it to themselves?

If ghost hunting groups can help people regain some piece of mind or explain away people's experiences, shouldn't they?

Why would somebody willingly put themselves out there to face ridicule and backlash if what they were experiencing wasn't real? Do you think that people like to be made fun of and talked about? Why would someone risk their reputation by lying about something they've experienced? No one connected to this investigation is making anything off of it. People who are NOT connected with this story could be making profits of some sort though.

 Apparently, this story has been the center of attention in the local paranormal field. This story is going to be the topic on an upcoming radio show. Myself, the investigative team and the home owners have yet to be invited to share our experiences with the audience of the radio show. Is that right? Is it right to pass judgment on people and what they have experienced in their lives without talking directly to the people involved? I guess people ganging up on others is the way people in the paranormal field treat each other. No wonder people don't give the paranormal field any credit. Look how the people involved treat each other.

No matter how the final report of this story comes out, people have already made up their minds about it. If I don't experience anything, then it was all a hoax. It didn't happen.

If I did experience something and even have it recorded, that still wouldn't be enough for some people. Some out there will explain it away with any type of rationalization so they can say that I'm not of sound mind.

I guess I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't. I'm wondering if I should even post a story of my experience down in Eldorado. It seems that everybody has already made up their minds about this story and the family.  

The next time you happen across my story of a family experiencing something that they can't explain and you think it's a bunch of hog wash, do me a favor and skip my story. Don't even click on it. If you don't believe in this stuff, why click on my story and read it? Are you just looking to make fun of somebody?

Every TV has multiple channels and even a power button. A computer is no different. If you don't like a story, don't click on it. You control what you view on the Internet. You only have yourself to blame for what you view online.