Girl Scouts Blog About Trip to Inauguration

Saturday, January 17th 2009, 9:33 pm
By: News 9

WASHINGTON D.C. -- As President-elect Obama takes his oath of office, several Oklahomans from local Girl Scout Troop 17 will be there to witness history.

They are headed to our Nation's capitol for a live history lesson, and are blogging for throughout their trip.

Sunday Evening, Jan. 18:

Today we went to the White House. I took pictures. It was exciting to see Barack Obama at the concert.
Dania K. 7 yr

It was exciting to actually see the White House. At the Museum of National History. I saw real dinosaur bones.
Jada B. 9 yr

The most exciting thing today was the Welcome concert. I got to see Barack Obama. It was so cool because he will be our next president.
LaTayla D. 9 yr

We went White House. I was excited to see it because Barack Obama will live there and he is the 1st Black President of the US.
Quinn N. 8 yr

I got to see Barack Obama, Jamie Foxx, Beyonce, & Garth Brooks!
Jimiya D. 6 yr

We saw Barack Obama live in Washington, DC. The White House was amazing. I got some really good pictures.
Kierra J. 8 yr

I am so glad that we have our first African American President and now I learned that many African Americans built the Nation's Capitol. It makes me feel grateful and superb. Today, we visited the concert where all the celebrities were and got to see the White House.
Majesty H. 10 yr

Today we went to a concert to see Barack Obama. We saw squirrels on the White House lawn. We saw Jamie Foxx, Beyonce, Usher, Sharika, Denzel Washington, and Stevie Wonder. We had so much fun, even though we were smashed. God blessed us with this trip and this day. I hope nothing goes wrong.

Maya B. 9yr

I was so excited to see Stevie Wonder. We had to stand for a long time because there were so many people.
Peggy K. 9 1/2 yr

Today was a great day. I saw a lot of people and learned lots of history. I saw tons of celebrities. It was a very long, cool, excited day.
Aniyah T. 10 yr

We made a chant for the Girl Scouts while we were in line for the welcoming concert. I got to see a lot of famous people at the pre-inaugural services. I got ot see Barack Obama and Jamie Foxx.
Dyvonne K. 12 yr.

Today in DC we saw the White House and Welcoming Ceremony for Inauguration 2009. I cannot believe how many people are here in one place. Everywhere you go someone has something Obama on them. Yesterday, two of my friends and I bought T-shirts with the Obama family on them and we wore them today. At the White House we got some really good close ups through the fence. I think the White House fits its name perfectly.
     It was very cold but not as cold as it had been. We are wearing several layers of clothes and still cold. We had to wait a long time for the concert to start. While we waited, I laid down on the ground. It was cold but I needed to rest.
     We are learning so much. I can not believe how much there is to do here. We have been here 3 days and still haven't got to see everything I want to. I can not wait to see what else we will do while we are here.
Deja K. 10 yr

I am so speechless. I never could have imagined that God would bless this trip so much! The girls are having a great time and I am too. I look at them and see the excitement in their faces. Its hard to fight the tears. My little divas are like sponges soaking in this amazing time in American history. Even the little 5 and 6 yr olds are asking great questions and paying attention to all.
     The vast amounts of people gathering together in DC for these moments in living history is remarkable. There is such a sense of peace and community in the atmosphere. I have seen so much and the experience is so great. I am still digesting it all.
     As the welcoming ceremony reflected on the rich history of this great nation we call home, the girls of the troop were in awe at the resolve of America. Americans are breaking a new dawn that for these girls contains roads never traveled before. I trust they walk away from this week inspired to make their mark on America.
     I believe that looking to history is a great way to carve the future. Troop 17 is living just that. As they learn where America has been, they look to a new found sense of Americanism that includes everyone, especially them.
Christina K. Troop Leader

Sunday Morning, Jan. 18:

Yesterday,we visited the US Capitol. We took the guided tour & got a chance to see a film

Girl Scouts Head to Inauguration
entitled Out of Many, One. It showed how the US evolved into the wonderful place we live in. It showed how we make laws & who makes the laws. We learned about American history and saw the compass stone where George Washington was supposed to be buried. We learned that Rosa Parks was one of only three nonpresidents to lay in state at the Capitol. There is a great picture in rotunda of the baptistism of Pocahantas for her marriage to John Rolfe.

Then, we went to the Library of Congress. We saw the reading room where National Treasure 2 was filmed. It was so cool because it was the only place that has Moses with 10 Commandments specifically allowed by Congress. We also saw a typed page from the "I Have a Dream" speech!

Some people went the Botanical Gardens & Air and Space Museum.

A lot of our group went to the National African Art museum. They arrived just adding a painting depicting Obama in a World for Change and a Kenyan blanket with his picture on it.

Being here has been so wonderful. There are people from all over the world. We feel like all eyes are on us as history unfolds. We are so thankful to God for this opportunity. He has blessed this trip. It is so overwhelming but we are so excited!

We are headed to the opening concert tonight. 

Troop 17

Saturday, Jan. 17:

It has been a long 48 hours for our troop. We just crossed Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, then back into West Virginia, then Maryland and finally into WASHINGTON, DC! Wow was that a long trip and really, really cold.

We saw the great Arch when we stopped for dinner outside St. Louis and it was only 10 degrees outside. Just a few hours later, in Indianapolis, it was negative 10 degrees!!! We couldn't even get off the bus because it was too cold. And guess what? It was so cold that the heat on the bus could not keep the bus warm so we has to bundle up on the bus.

We saw mountains covered in snow. We had snowball fight at a stop in West Virginia.

When we got to Baltimore yesterday, it warmed up to 8 degrees. We checked into the hotel and it is so beautiful. We love it. It looks like an office building. We get to share rooms with our friends.

Then we went to the Capitol. We learned the hard way that you have to leave extra early for stuff in D.C. We got in D.C. at 2:50 p.m. but it was 3:25 p.m. just 2 miles later when the bus got to the drop off point for buses. Then we had to walk all the way around the Inauguration side of the Capitol in temps that feel like below zero. We were not prepared for such temps on the first day. So we missed our tour. We were so sad, even the adults were sad. The ladies working there felt sorry for us and rescheduled for today!

Then it took 2.5 hours to get back from D.C. to the hotel that is only a 30 minute drive to normally. It was their regular Friday rush hour. Wow, we can not imagine living in that everyday. You will have to make dinner before work and eat it in the car.

When we got back to the hotel, we were finally tired. So we went to our room to warm up and go to sleep. Ms. Kirk said we are going to have so much fun tomorrow. We cannot wait.

Troop 17