Boren: 'No Increases' for OU Student Tuition

Thursday, January 29th 2009, 4:46 pm
By: News 9

By Gan Matthews, NEWS 9

NORMAN, Oklahoma -- Oklahoma's government is anticipating a multi-million dollar drop in revenue, which would likely result in little extra revenue from legislature allocated to colleges and universities across the state.

The University of Oklahoma President David L. Boren said he has no plans of raising tuition for students.

"We hope that we can get through the year, that's our goal," Boren said. "Then come June, whatever the legislature is able to do or not able to do, we will be able to hold our tuition steady."

OU plans to accomplish that with a hiring freeze, and by postponing some capital projects.

"That makes me really happy because the tuition here at OU is kind of a low price," student Jason Keffer said. "It's a big reason that I came. It's a great value and for my family, which was struggling with money when I was looking into college, that was a big help."

University of Oklahoma student Haley Hudson agreed.

"Everyone wants to save money, and I probably would be supporting it because my parents are going to be paying less," Hudson said. "I hope that doesn't decrease the quality of anything here at the University."

Salaries and pay will also be frozen for University employees.

It currently costs an Oklahoma resident about $7400 in tuition and fees to attend OU for a year.

For non-residents, the cost is $17, 400.