Thursday Marks 6 Years of Iraq War with Little Recognition

Friday, March 20th 2009, 12:35 am
By: News 9

By Rusty Surette, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- As the nation continues to focus on the economy, another milestone has come and gone with little fanfare.

It's an event that has changed the world, but unlike 9/11, we found that few remember what happened on March 19, six years ago.

Network news is fixed on our finances and sports fans are betting on basketball.

For many, March 19th has very little meaning.

A memorial service in Oklahoma City is hoping to remind folks what happened back on this day, in 2003.

"These are opening stages of what will be a broad and concerted campaign," President Bush said.

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the war in Iraq, but few are focusing on the past.

"People are scared about the economy and the war doesn't affect as many people," said Nathaniel Batchelder, director of the Peace House.

Members of the Peace House and others organized a service Thursday to remember the war. Only two dozen showed up to the event that's taken the lives of more than 4,000 Americans.

"It's off the news now because of the economy," said Warren Henthorn.

Henthorn's son was killed in Iraq four years ago. The Gold Star father has made it a personal goal to remind folks of the war overseas, despite what's happening at home. He said it's a costly fight that affects everybody.

"That's what I remind people of," Henthorn said. "If you don't have a service member, think of the $10 billion and what that money could have done for this economy here in these hard times."

A memorial vigil and silent walk are also scheduled for this weekend.

Events will be held at the following times and places:

Saturday, March 21
Memorial Vigil
10 a.m.- 12 p.m.
Meridian Avenue and NW Expressway

Sunday, March 22
Silent Memorial Walk
2 p.m.
Beginning at Civic Center

Organizers are hoping these reminders won't be necessary in the near future, as President Obama has ordered U.S. troops to be withdrawn by 2011.

Six years later, the U.S. has accomplished much of what it set out to do in Iraq.

Saddam Hussein was captured, tried and hanged for brutal and deadly crimes, a fledgling democracy is taking hold and the security situation is improving.