Consumer Credit Couseling SERVICE (the last word makes all the difference!)

Wednesday, March 25th 2009, 4:31 pm
By: News 9

In my opinon, this company smells of deception!  If The Consumer Law Group was not trying to deceive its customers, then why would they change their name to resemble a well-established non profit company in Oklahoma? 

I was also wanting to see if what they are doing is legal.  From what I've been told you can only help someone with "Debt Pooling" if you are a licensed attorney in Oklahoma.  I was planning on asking the company for the name of their local attorney but.... they still haven't returned my call.

More importantly is where you can get help should you need debt counseling or negotiations.  The local non profit company featured in tonight's story is :

Here is their number: 789-2227  789-CCCS

CCCS does not charge for debt counseling - as for the negotiations there's a 1 time fee of 40 bucks and then a monthly fee from 10 to 35 dollars - a big difference from the 5 thousand dollars the other company is charging.

Also, it looks like the Consumer Law Group is doing this in other cities.  CCCS in California sued them because they were using such a similar name - and they won.  But a year later the Consumer Law Group was readvertising with the same similar name.