Cancellation Fee Warning

Wednesday, May 27th 2009, 4:50 pm
By: News 9

I was surprised to hear that businesses don't have to disclose their cancellation fees - but they don't.  So if you're unsure about a purchase, always ask what their return policy is. 
There's one exception that I found when it comes to disclosure of fees.  And that's when you're dealing with telemarketers.
This is from the Federal Trade Commission:
"Telemarketers must tell you the total cost of the products or services offered and any restrictions on
getting or using them -- or that a sale is final or non-refundable -- before you pay."

For more on the "Telemarketers Sale Rule" click here.

On a side note about the story, while I was talking with the Safe Auto Glass owner, I mentioned that she found the windshield locally for 150 dollars - about 1/2 of what he was charging.  His reaction is that it is so cheap that it won't last.  However - I called the company who installed it and they say that while windshields are made by different manufacturers, they're all good.  The way they put it is, "you can't go and buy a windshield from Walmart".  It's going to be good quality if it's made.