I dare Steve Spurrier to not vote Tebow All-SEC

Friday, July 24th 2009, 12:16 pm

By: News 9

Was there any doubt who did not vote Tim Tebow the All-SEC QB? Why did it take the offended media so long to figure out the Spurrier would dare not vote for Mr. Tebow.

Remember, every microphone and typist in our business has labeled Mr. Tebow is likely the greatest college QB of all time. This has the chance of a conspiracy that will lead ESPN's sportscast tonight at 10.

I profusely apologize. I sure didn't mean to humiliate Mr. Tebow or any of his other worshipers.

The politically correct statement should have been that Mr. Tebow is the greatest college PLAYER-not the best QB-in the history of college football voting. Even if I'm not ready to anoint anyone "greatest ever" right now, I'll say it so there won't be controversy.

If you readers don't watch out you might be tossed under the bus as well. The suggestion here in the hinterlands is that you bow to SE America, throw Roses his way (appropriate with the Rose Bowl hosting the BCS title game which the Gators are already in) and make up a ballot naming Tebow "greatest player and perhaps greatest person since..." you get the point.

I love and respect the guy. Met him, chatted with him and interviewed him one-one-one in NYC in December at the Heisman ceremony. Tim Tebow should not get the credit for winning the national championship his freshman year as he was not the starter, although he played a role, but regardless, he's got my vote.

My position that the fawning over Tebow is somewhere between laughable and nod-shaking has zero to do with Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy or Jevan Snead, whom Spurrier just said was on his ballot-allegedly not filled out but "signed off' by the irascible coach.

FYI, I'm a big Spurrier fan. Didn't like him running up some scores and a couple of tough interviews I conducted with him en route to his Gator locker-room. But that's who the guy is. Played golf with him a few years back and not only a complete gentleman, good player but a guy who was not the arrogant and self-centered person we've all heard he is. Admittedly, anyone who comes to play Oak Tree National and plays by the rules is on my good side.

Back to the national angst broadcast around American about the dastardly omission of Mr. Tebow from the SEC release. Tebow will be crowned "greatest player in college football history" if his heavily favored Gators win another title.

But keep a couple of teams in mind. Returning your top 22 defensive players, having Percy Harvins and the other superior Gators he has the good fortune to have with orange helmets on, and a schedule that is not nearly as tough as the SEC advocates would lead you to believe.

Also keep this in mind. If Bradford wins the Big 12, then the Heisman, and then a national title, where does he rank in the "greatest ever" conversation? I don't think that will happen, primarily because I think the Sooners will slip up at Miami or Dallas. But it's worth consideration.

Critics will say he only played three seasons as he will no doubt go into the draft-no doubt waaaaay ahead of Tebow, but only one national title would not elevate him past Tebow or the SEC's Herschel Walker, who was part of one national title at Georgia.

Finally, I'm told the top QBs in the nation recently participated in a pro-style summer camp. A very good source said among the elite QB's, one guy stood head and shoulders above the others.

It was Sam Bradford. The same Sam Bradford who I can attest is no worse than a one-handicap golfer, a teenage hockey player so good that a friend of mine who played in the Stanly Cup, coached professionally, and also coached Bradford, was so high on his game that he said he could make it in the NHL if he dedicated himself to the sport.

Bottom line? Let the games and controversy and hype begin. I doubt Bradford will have huge numbers with an experienced line. But here's to hoping OU and a wonderful QB in McCoy team from Austin scrap at the Cotton Bowl for the right to make it to the national title game in Pasadena, where they would face you-know-who in the BCS title game.


Anyone but me wonder if Minnesota brass had anything to do with Adrian Peterson reportedly texting Brett Favre to tell him how much he wants him to QB the Vikings?

I interviewed A. D. and spent some time with him about two months ago. He did not say he was staunchly against Favre becoming a Viking. But he did tiptoe around the question with sly grins which I took as an indication that he might not lead the cheerleaders in rooting that Favre make it to Minnie.

"We'll be okay either way. Javaris can really play...better than people think....getting better, so doesn't matter to me. We need a decision pretty soon though," A.D. told me.

His good friend's name Jarvaris Jackson came up a few times as we discussed how he and his mates felt. A. D. is truly a team-first guy. But he's like all of us; loyal to friends.

It should not come as a shock that young Peterson might prefer to play with a young Jackson instead of waiting on and on and on for an aging and somewhat prima donna-ish Favre.

That's it. Time to put it on a peg and try to figure out how to hit fairways and greens. Proving to be difficult. But the greatest thing and golf-and life in general-is that there's that hope that the next swing be as pure as the driven snow.



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