Time Flies, Pressure Builds In Afghanistan

Friday, November 19th 2010, 12:02 pm
By: News 9

Heather Bennett, News 9 Contributor
Oklahoma Airman Serving In Afghanistan

Entry #6

Week 6…I think.

It was a fast week. I didn't even realize it was Thursday until I went the gym and football was on, and they said "Welcome to Thursday Night Football."  The days all run together. All that I know is that 6th day, I'm off.

This week, our days off were taken from us. Not because we were in trouble, but because we needed the extra bodies out on patrols. It makes for very long weeks. I was told before we got here, the group had worked some 37 days with no break, but that was more of a punishment deal. It's crazy to me how they expect us to run like machines with no breaks. I guess that's life though in a deployed location. All in all, I think I'm holding up quite well.

I just about lost it the other day, like I almost hit someone, which isn't like me at all. Lucky for me, I had some gum in my mouth (not only to keep the sand out). I just bit down said "yes sir" and walked away. The best thing was it was over something way stupid like food off the chow bus or something to that extent. A word to the wise, don't take my food away from me. It's a good way to lose a hand.

I really don't have much for this week. Feel free to send questions and I'll answer as best I can. Also thank you for all the support!

Most importantly, I want to say happy birthday to my mom.