Consumer Watch: Oklahoma Couple Forced To Pay Unexpected Rental Car Bill

Wednesday, December 8th 2010, 9:51 pm
By: News 9

Amanda Taylor, News 9 Consumer Watch Team

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The hail storms that struck Oklahoma in May 2010 did a number on a lot of property, including Sarah Bailey's car.

Bailey contacted Auto Care Hail Repair to fix the dents and dings. And the contract included an added bonus; a rental car Auto Care said they would pay for.

"It made it more convenient as far as to not rely on him to go from place to place," Bailey said.

A few weeks later, the Baileys got their car back and it looked great. But a big blow came three months later when they got a bill in the mail from the rental car company for $590.

"Well a little panic, I guess, because we weren't planning for that bill," Bailey said.

The Baileys called Shawn Wood with Auto Care Hail Repair who told them not to worry and that the company billed them by mistake.

"A little time after that my husband checked our account and saw they had charged our credit card for that amount," Bailey said.

Her husband then called Wood. During that conversation, Wood said he didn't have the means to pay for it.

"We understand everybody has financial problems," said Bailey. "But if you have a bill, you need to pay it. Your first responsibility needs to be toward your customer like you promised."

Wood got wind Consumer Watch was working on this and that led to a different outcome.

"We got a call and he said he has a check for us," said Bailey. "So my husband went and met him and sure enough he had a check and it cleared so we were excited about that. I think it's just an answer to pray and then with a little help from News 9."

When News 9 talked with Wood, he blamed the rental car company, saying they didn't properly bill him.

The rental car company has yet to verify Wood's story.

Now the Baileys did everything right. They kept their records. So if they had to take Wood to court, the law would be on their side.