District Attorney Wants Cleveland County Judge Removed From All Cases

Thursday, March 31st 2011, 11:04 am
By: News 9

Adrianna Iwasinski, News 9

NORMAN, Oklahoma -- A bombshell coming out of Cleveland County. The district attorney has asked a Judge Tom Lucas to remove himself from all cases being prosecuted by the district attorney's office. However, Lucas denied the motion Thursday morning.

More than 40 people packed into Judge Lucas' courtroom Thursday morning for a hearing, but it was over in a matter of minutes when the judge flatly denied the motion, walked off the bench  and refused to hear any of the allegations against him.

In court papers obtained by News 9, the District Attorney Greg Mashburn said District Judge Lucas has stated on record that he has an objection to the child abuse murder laws and has complained about the limited sentencing range for child abuse murder. Judge Lucas suspended all but 17 years of a life jury verdict in one child abuse case.

Judge Lucas is also accused of saying the DA's office twists the laws to come after good guys, and that female attorneys were liars. The D.A. said Judge Lucas also said that he hated the major crimes prosecutors.

Court papers also accused the judge of intervening in a molestation case against his grandson involving his four-year-old great granddaughter, and that he denied the allegations to both DHS and local law enforcement. Read the full motion to recuse Lucas.

Cleveland County Assistant D.A. David Brockman said this is the first time they've had to do something like this and they will appeal.

"We don't really want to go through this, don't want to put the judge through this, but in order to represent the people of Oklahoma, we have to do this," Brockman said.

Defense Attorney Elton Jenkins disagreed with the D.A.'s motion to have the judge recused from all criminal cases.

"I've known Judge Lucas for 11 years and I haven't noticed any special treatment for or against any party. At least that's my personal experience with him," Jenkins said.

Judge Lucas refused to make any comment on the case and refused News 9's request for an interview.

The D.A.'s office said they will appeal the denial by the judge and are prepared to take it to the court of appeals.