Midwest City Man Killed Over 'Rumors,' Police Say

Sunday, April 17th 2011, 8:26 am
By: News 9

Jon Jordan, News9.com

MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma -- Midwest City police are investigating a deadly shooting Saturday night at a home in Midwest City. Police say 32-year-old Mark Wilkinson was upset and angry after learning rumors were being spread about his wife.

Wilkinson was so mad police say he decided to go to the home at 300 East Fairchild in Midwest City to confront the man, 38-year-old Raymond Stauffer, who he believed was behind the rumors.

Police say Wilkinson begin banging on Stauffer's home just before 10 p.m.. Not knowing who it was, Midwest City police say Stauffer grabbed his gun and opened the door.

According to police, at that point a verbal argument began. Stauffer asked Wilkinson to leave, but instead of leaving, police say Wilkinson reached for Stauffer's gun. Before Wilkinson could grab it, Stauffer shot and killed him.

"It's sad to think the man is dead now over some rumors," says Midwest City police chief Brandon Clabes.

Whether Stauffer will be charged for shooting Wilkinson Clabes says the District Attorney' office will make that decision sometime Monday. However Clabes says under Oklahoma law a homeowner is allowed to protect themselves in their home if the homeowner feels they are being threatened.

Tony Dellinger, a neighbor and long time friend of Stauffer's, defends his friends actions.

"It makes absolute sense. I wouldn't want to live with it afterwards, but I think a man has a right to protect his home and his self," Dellinger said.

Clabes say he is aware of what the rumors were, but his department is refraining from releasing that information.

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