Parachutists Arrested For BASE Jumping Off Devon Town Face Trespassing Charge

Monday, April 25th 2011, 10:39 pm
By: News 9

Jennifer Pierce, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Two men who based jumped off the unfinished Devon Energy building Sunday morning are facing trespassing charges. Family members said the two men BASE jump all the time but have never jumped off a downtown Oklahoma City building.

Police received an anonymous tip around 2:30 a.m. Sunday.

Waylon Litchfield and Bo Baxter took the elevator up to the 36th floor of the Devon Tower and jumped. The two are experienced skydivers but had been warned by family members to not jump of this unfinished building.

When the men landed near Reno Avenue and Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City police and Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers were waiting. The men were arrested and taken to the Oklahoma County Jail. Their gear was taken as part of the investigation

Litchfield and Baxter had no comment as they tried to get their property from police Monday.

BASE jumping isn't illegal but trespassing is. Litchfield and Baxter had to get past security to get into the tower.

Devon officials did not have a comment and do not currently handle security at the building. The construction company is currently responsible for security for the building.

The men are charged with trespassing, which is a city misdemeanor and carries a $167 fine.

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