Oklahoma City Murder Rate Eclipses 2010 Figure

Wednesday, May 18th 2011, 11:16 pm
By: News 9

Dana Hertneky, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A double murder Tuesday night boosted the number of homicides in Oklahoma City past the number recorded for the same period last year.

Police have identified the woman shot dead inside the trailer house on the city's southwest side on Tuesday as 32-year-old Chrystal Zondor.

"I talked to her around one o'clock and texted her around one o'clock and after that I couldn't get a hold of her," said John Zondor, Chrystal's husband.

Zondor, and the man she was with in the house, Jason Langley, are Oklahoma City's 23rd and 24th homicide victims of the year.

So far in 2011, crimes center mostly around the core of the city with the most murders near N.E. 30th and Kelly.

One of those murders was right in front of Willy Cato's home.

"It sounded like five knocks on the door but I guess it was just a gun," she said.

Cato has owned the house since 1969 and says she's seen a drastic change in the neighborhood.

"About once a month it seems like they're emptying a whole gun before it stops shooting," said Cato.

Pastor John Peoples' Faith Memorial Baptist Church is smack dab in the middle of the area.

"We hear of homicides much more then we should, of course," Peoples said.

He does what he can to protect his flock with security and crime tips.

"When we leave out of the church, we leave in groups."

But he said he's also working to make a change with a program for area youth that offers free activities and positive roll models.

"I believe personally that when you have a sense of belonging, you know where you belong and you know where you don't belong. You don't have to find your family in a gang."

It is an effort not lost on those who live here.  Still Willy says she's likely had enough.

"If I find my way out of here, I will move," she said.

Police say last year this time there had been 21 murders in Oklahoma City.