Sooner swoon embarrassing

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:21 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Feb 22, 2010 6:45 PM CDT

Embarrassing. This time last season the best player in the country was leading OU to run at a legitimate chance to win the national title. Tonight in Lawrence, OU is embarrassing 21-point underdog to No. 1 Kansas. They are led—I use that word loosely—the confounding Willie Warren. It’s safe to say not having Blake Griffin, out with a concussion, fatally wounded OU’s chances against KU. It’s even safer to say that without Warren—mysteriously out again with an ankle sprain—OU has zilch chance of what would be the biggest upset in memory.

Talk about penthouse to outhouse. A year ago Jeff Capel was being praised as the up and coming genius. Premiere recruiter. Now, his coaching ability is being questioned, his recruitment of players arrested for shoplifting and causing him headaches that look unbearable, and he’s making controversial comments about underachieving players not having scholarships beyond this season. 

21 point underdog. Wow! And if I was touting this one I’d never say to take the points.


James Anderson is a very good college basketball player. But the OSU star is probably not going to win the Big 12 Player of the Year award, much less what some Poke devotees are saying that he should be in the national player of the year hunt. If OSU won the league title he’d win the Big 12 honor.  But that’s not happening so Kansas has a tandem who should finish neck and neck and KSU things it has a say in this as well. Damion James of Texas saw his chances go south when his team took a southern swoon. 

Sherron Collins got a major vote of confidence from Coach Bill Self on the Jim Rome TV show last week. Self’s had some dandy guards but called Collins his best. And I’m not sure my vote wouldn’t go to center Cole Aldrich.


The Knicks have saved a lot of piggy bank money to make a serious run at free-agent LeBron James after this season.  If LeBron turns them down, who do they target the following the next season? Kevin Durant. KD’s awesome performance in the Garden in Saturday night’s overtime Thunder win didn’t hurt.


One of the most nonsensical thoughts I’ve heard in months is the notion that the Thunder would be better off if Kevin Durant’s streak of 28 straight games of scoring 25 points or more were to end. Hopefully, this innocuous position will not force me to go to the trouble of detailing the unawareness of such a position.

Perhaps Durant’s response to the local paper when asked about the odd thinking that it would be best if his streak ended is all that’s needed. He stated that his team is 33 and 21 and has won 9 straight. End of discussion.