Aggies bring top QB and defender to media day but time to win

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:24 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Jul 27, 2010 1:1 PM CDT

We Just finished up with Texas A/M, led by Head Coach Mike Sherman and his two star players.

Von Miller is an active DE and the Big 12 preseason defensive player of the year. Jerrod Johnson is deluxe athlete and the QB is the preseason Big 12 offensive player of the year. Quite a coupe for the Aggies. But will they be enough for A/M to win?

A lame non-conference schedule is offset with a run of tough games to end the regular season. As in OU, Nebraska and Texas in three of the last four games.

A few questions and answers: Miller-Where did you consider going to school? Florida was number two and Ole Miss number three. But I always wanted to go to A/M and wanted to play Texas and OU every year. 

How do you react to the agent talk: It’s really crazy? It’s unfortunate but we are lucky to have a coach like Coach (Mike) Sherman who has coached in the league and can tell us all that’s going on.

Miller on getting better on defense and the new 3-4 scheme? It will help. We need to tackle better as a team.

Next up was QB Jerrod Johnson: Were you excited when you learned you were the preseason offensive player of the year?  Not a big a deal. If I get it at the end of the year, that is the most important thing.

Summer workouts: I went to the Manning Camp and the Elite 11 camp out in California. It was a learning experience. It helped a lot talking with the Manning’s about how they handled their senior seasons. Peyton told me the easiest thing to do when you get attention is to throw yourself into your team and everything else will take care of itself.

Then Coach Mike Sherman sat down and discussed the fact that after being in pro football at every level, he’s been around good agents and bad agents. He didn’t take up for bad agents by any means but did make it clear that not are slime-balls.

Knowing the Taylor family, I always ask Sherman about Zac who married a daughter of his. He always says he’s smart, calm“he was sick before the OU game and we were going nuts trying to figure out who was going to send in plays because the QBs are so comfortable with him”and has a bright future. 

I asked the coach about expectations and although he didn’t back off, it he didn’t state that the Aggies are in the hunt for a national championship. All I know is that if you have the preseason players of the year, a good head coach and presumably a good staff, quality facilities and lots of money you should win more than A/M does.

Sherman made sense when he discussed a talk between he and his QB. Said he told him that the kid would own all the records when he finished his career at A/M. But like "me, my legacy will be based on wins and losses. And yours will be too."


A lame non-conference schedule is offset with a run of tough games to end the regular season--as in OU, Nebraska and Texas in three of the last four games.  The make or break game will come on September 30 in Stillwater. Both OSU and A/M should be undefeated and rested with each being off the previous week.