Warning from the Monday Morning QB Club

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:26 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Sep 20, 2010 11:12 AM CDT

Hear ye, hear ye. The Oklahoma Sports Monday Morning QB Club is in session. Listen up.

The OU Texas game is right around the corner. Texas looks good. OU looks like it can be good. A trip to the Big 12 title game is likely once again in the offing.  The Horns will roll this Saturday. And OU is a seventeen point favorite over a 1-and-2 Cincinnati team. Time to focus on Texas, right?

Pardon me, but the captain of this branch of the Monday Morning QB Club says absolutely not. Leave nothing to chance. Not good enough. At least, it’s not been proven otherwise.

So far, don’t mistake the 2010 Sooners with Sam Bradford’s bunch. Or one of Jason White’s bunches. Or Josh Heupel’s bunch. OU may romp in Cincy, beat Texas, whip Nebraska in the conference title game and head back to the desert for another shot at a national title.

But after a miss-and-hit-and-miss start, I’d do as the old clich’ says you should do: Take ‘em one game at a time.

Not only is OU unproven, but the overall history of the Sooners in recent years is not too stout. And the Landry Jones Era road history is not good. If this one were in Norman, I’d say looking ahead would not be a risky propositionNo. 34 in a row would be all but a given.

Cincinnati is reeling from its two losses, but they didn’t get beat by the NW Virgin Islands Panda Bears. I’ve called night games at Fresno. No easy deal if they get you down. And that’s what happened when Cinch made early mistakes which allowed an always athletic defense from Fresno to tee off on QB Zach Collaros. Similar thing at NC State.

The Bearcats seem fragile. They are in transition and trying to find their way after the loss of big-time coach Brian Kelley who fled for the Golden Dome pastures of Notre Dame. They were used to winning with Kelley.

Remember now, they went undefeated last season before Florida whipsawed em’ in the Sugar Bowl. Collaros can really play. It’s a bonus that the game is not in their little home stadium where they fill it up and have lit up opponents. Smart of Joe Castiglione and Bob Stoops to insist it be played at Paul Brown Stadiumhome of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns.

The key will be to jump on them early. Take advantage of their fragile psyche. OU is normally a fast-starting team. They stress “start fast and finish strong.”  They didn’t live up to that mantra on the road last season.

Do it this week and THEN it’ll be time to look to Texas. Now that’ll be an altogether different proposition for us Monday Morningers.

All right, everybody in. Full attention this week. Rally the troops. Don’t stay out late. Focus, focus, focus. Talk it up. Figure it out. Do your part. One for all and all for one.

Meeting adjourned on three:   One, two, three, MEETING AJOURNED!